December 21, 2013

Solstice Thoughts

It’s the shortest day, which might mean rushing around like fools trying to get everything done, or it might mean howling at the moon and praying for the light. Either way, if you have an uborka login please feel free to post something – a photograph or a thought – or just comment here. Do you do anything to mark the winter solstice?

Some years we have made the effort to eat yellow and orange food and light candles at dusk; this year we’re having solstice spaghetti and no individual gifts but maybe some sort of family treat later in the afternoon. It’s a vile day outside and we have chores to do before we can look forward to the rest of the holidays.


1 thought on “Solstice Thoughts

  1. We are no more pagan than we are christian, but who doesn’t welcome the return of the light? Lantern parade at the zoo for us (please cross fingers for weather) followed by a snuggly fire-lit candles-on evening.

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