January 31, 2014

Hollywood Cocktails

Darlings, picture if you will a West End cinema, crowds of paparazzi gathering like a pack of twinkling, snapping wolves, and the personally invited stars of Uborka all dolled up in our finest, shimmering shimmying along that red carpet.

This is a new sort of multiplex with all the screens in one room, and handy headphones so we can all watch our chosen films, or dip into others as we prefer. The bot is wheeling up and down the aisles with drinks and popcorn (three kinds) on a tray. In 1977 it cost less than 50p to go to the cinema, and we all had a box of poppets.

Uborka’s own Lord Pete actually wore a tie to work this week, and looks super hot in it too, though it’s always a good idea to wear other clothes as well. His part of the cinema has a recliner chair on his own oriental rug, and he is well supplied with white russians to go with his film. That white powder you see? That’s milk.

Over in the book-lined corner, Dr Pockless is sitting at a desk with his pint, taking notes as he watches terribly serious Japanese films. Please stay awake for the lecture later. Confused by the Japanese theme, Lyle keeps trying to offer Dr P a swig of his kamikaze, and encourage him to watch the Blues Brothers with him. It will come as no surprise to regular viewers to hear that Lyle has a full tank of gas.

I’m not familiar with Asta‘s choice of film, but it sounds lovely, and just the thing for a rainy January afternoon, along with that optimistic Tequila Sunrise.

Bekki will no doubt be happy about the service from ubotka to go with her film, and who could say no to stolen Dom Perignon? You can use some of that to mix up Krissa‘s French 75, and here’s a stick to stop ubotka from mooning over her in an annoying fashion. He’s smitten. Oh, and a lateincoming Pix with tears in her whisky and a clever-sounding film.

I heard mention (via Kirsty on twitter this morning) of a cocktail called a Large Hadron Colada, and I want one of them. Hm, I’ve a hankering to watch Gravity again…

For film club next week, we’re posting and commenting about Cloud Atlas and Made In Dagenham. We’ve also got Pete’s next Bowie review, and it’s time to think of your February Where Are You Now posts. We’re going to spend a portion of the weekend getting stocious with the Gammidgys; wish us luck.


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  1. Thank you this has been lovely. I especially appreciate that the small tub of popcorn is not coated in a quarter pound of salt, is less than the size of a dufflebag and doesn’t cost more than the price of admission. Delicious.

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