February 1, 2014

Where are you now? Clair, January published in February

Science Museum - Earth
As I write this I am on a train, returning from our monthly pilgrimage to the Science Museum. Once a month (last Wednesday of the month, except in December) the museum opens late for an adults only night. A museum with lots if interactive exhibits, no children, and booze! What’s not to love?

BridgeApollo3d printing

The museum is full of great objects and stories, modern and old. And on this one night a month a few extras as well: the silent disco, Punk Science and our personal favourite: the pub quiz. Neil and I have been coming to the pub quiz here for almost 5 years now. One of our early dates was here and it was there I introduced Neil to my best friend. We won the quiz that night, huge basket of cheese and wine. Yum.

We’ve won a few more times since, but we excel at the colouring in competition. One day I must scan in all of our collected colouring ins, and yes, I do keep them all.

Colouring in - before

We’ve become friends with the guys who run the quiz (no, they don’t give us any clues). We were members of the museum for two or three years before the got rid of the membership scheme. We’ve met astronauts and comedians here. I brought my (g)oddson here the first time I babysat him. It is pretty much a second home.

Colouring in - after


3 thoughts on “Where are you now? Clair, January published in February

  1. That one was pretty much all Neil. He’s not bad with the colouring in pencils.

    Clair on February 1, 2014
  2. I won’t lie – Toby got a talking to for enjoying the Science Museum with you more than the Natural History Museum with his mummy. 😉

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