January 2, 2014

Plan for 2014

We need a new plan. What do you want it to be? Ubotka’s fishing expedition on twitter got a few bites, including clever old krissa’s suggestion to do the fishing in here. So I am opening up the discussion about what to do next, with the following items of bait:

  • Film club [how often?]
  • Book club [also how often?]
  • Fitness club [are there too many clubs? We need another word.]
  • Postcards from the edge [something to do with travel]
  • Some new direction for Where Are They Now.
  • The New Uborka Mix CD.

Make of this what you will.


11 thoughts on “Plan for 2014

  1. Film club – mix it with WATN.

    1) Do a post with each person suggesting their favourite film(s?)
    2) Each week/fortnight, pick a person from that post, use their film (or pick from favourites, I dunno)
    3) Make a post saying which film has been chosen
    4) People watch film. Post reviews in comments to the post from #3

    Job Done.

  2. I second the film club, and I think it would be fun to see ideas for “the next film we all watch” voted on by collective …. perhaps using Doodle? Criteria for enthusiasm shouldn’t preclude “but I’ve seen it before” as great films can always use a re-watching. Particular prompts or frameworks could be useful watching or re-watching old movies , such as “spot the misogyny in a series of old musicals!” or whatever. Fortnightly seems ambitious, though, what about monthly?

    Book club! I like the idea of centering it around short stories by a particular author, or, just discussing the work of an author more broadly than reading one book, which I have found has a strong attrition rate even for hardcore book nerds like we are. However, ALSO, I have just started The Goldfinch and get the feeling I’m gonna be real obsessed, so anyone who wants to obsess their way through The Goldfinch with me, meet me in the corner of the the main Uborka Hall in a month.

    Not that I didn’t love all the WATN posts and could happily see them continue as clamored for/desired, but I propose that WATN may have served its peak usefulness in bringing everyone back to Uborka but that 2014 can/should be about strengthening said Uborkites (-ans? -ians? Have we decided on a demonym?) and rebuilding Uborkia.

    Other ideas:
    – someone offer to take up a weird hobby or habit for a month, write about it
    – something like an exquisite corpse for the amazing visual artists I know we have in here
    – can we collectively write a poem? I’m real into poetry in 2014.
    – knitting: will it make the non-knitters among us die of boredom? If they do, can we knit them a cozy shroud for their afterlife?

    WELL I’ll just stop this essay now. Thanks, preview pane.

  3. Right, you’re appointed. Welcome to the Uborka Management Committee. It’s all a lot less formal than it sounds.

  4. I am reading the Goldfinch! I will obsess with you. Are you in Las Vegas yet?

    I don’t know what Doodle is, but I’m up for a monthly film discussion.

    The Uborka Mix CD has to happen.

  5. I have to finish bring up the bodies then read the blind assassin for my real life book group but the goldfinch is next on my list. Say February, or would that be too long to wait?

    Lisa on January 2, 2014

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