January 29, 2014

Uborka Fitness Club

It’s a lovely month to go running, isn’t it? RunKeeper keeps telling me I’ve broken new personal records for the most activities in a month. I think that’s because I only started using it part of the way through December, but still, how lovely!

Last week I ran 10k for the first time, and on Monday I did a nice 5 miles. I am constantly confused by the changing units, and also by the fact that sometimes RK announces that I have just run a mile in 7 minutes, which simply isn’t true.

I’ve signed up for a 10k on 1st March, and I’ve got a tentative plan for another on 12th June and perhaps this London one (women only!) at the end of September. Does anyone fancy joining me? Or indeed have you got plans of your own that we should celebrate here on the ‘borka?


10 thoughts on “Uborka Fitness Club

  1. Sticking with the 400km in a year plan and will be back out (had a bad cold this last week) tonight for a short run to get my legs moving.

    In saying that, I’m also playing basketball once a week (1.5hr on Monday night past) so hopefully that will keep me on track with the overall ‘get off your lazy arse’ aim for 2014!

    And yes, your runs are providing a much needed ‘kick’ although I fear I won’t beat you to the 400km mark this year, I’m probably gonna peak around 5km runs, not 10!

  2. I know it’s been a bit wet the last week or so, but it has been lovely weather for running over the last month or so, hasn’t it? It’s been cool without being too cold and has often been beautifully clear at night. On my 7am run on a Tuesday morning, I’ve also gone from seeing the dawn breaking as I head round the river at Trent Bridge to seeing how much lighter it’s getting week on week. It’s been good. Sure, it rains on you occasionally (and as I cycle to work, this is basically unavoidable) but it’s been really nice, on the whole. I’ve been resisting setting myself goals this year – last year was disrupted by injury and I think my half marathon days are properly over now – but I seem to have fallen into a target of 700 miles for the year. I’m not sure I’ll make that in running, so I’m going to include the walking that my phone has started tracking automatically, for some reason. It’s good to have a focus. I’m capping myself at 6 miles at the moment, but that should keep 10km races in the loop, so maybe I should sign up for some of them.
    I’m very much enjoying seeing those of you on facebook too. It gives me a little thrill to check in there to see how you’re doing (LIVE, in the case of Gordon). Please just let me apologise for the leaderboards…. especially when you spot that I’ve just clocked a 0.4 mile walk or something.

  3. I need to get the bike back out for sure, no reason I can’t be cycling to work now and then too, just wish the roads were a bit better (there is a mile long unlit stretch near the office which is just awful, but I have ALL the lights so no real excuse!).

    And yes, swisslet, Run/Walk/Bike/Swim almost every day it looks like!!

  4. Summary of year so far: bah, humbug.

    But well done everyone for getting into it in January!

  5. In need of some form of kick up the arse, I plan to sign up to a 1 mile fun run this evening. Yes that’s not much, but I haven’t touched my trainers since the crystal palace monsoon run of ’13.

    Clair on January 30, 2014
  6. Yep, still doing the marathon. Still 10 weeks away so plenty of time to prepare for it. I’m just trying to adjust my mental approach so that I think of it as a training run rather than a key race so that I can chill out and enjoy it more – although that may involve me actually stumping up the cash for my “A” race and getting the entry in! 😉

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