January 30, 2014

Uborka Film Club

We’ve been here before.
We’re going round in circles.
I don’t think Gandalf meant us to come this way.
Gandalf didn’t mean for a lot of things to happen

Who wants to watch a film with us? What shall we watch? Whatever we watch, do it over the weekend, and next week (Monday to Thursday ish) everyone can post and discuss their reviews. Or shall we have one post and discussion in the comments? We used to be a lot more organised than this, didn’t we?


19 thoughts on “Uborka Film Club

  1. I’d suggest something from the Best Picture Oscar nominations but I’m not sure about accessibility. Gravity isn’t showing here anymore, and 12 Days a Slave is showing at only one theatre.

    But yes, I’m in.

  2. I’m halfway through cloud atlas and unlikely to find time to watch anything else, so I nominate that 🙂 Or are you actually going to the pictures?

  3. If you choose something on Netflix, I could be tempted. I did watch Cloud Atlas at Christmas though, so could probably fudge something. I’m not watching it again though – far too long!

  4. Despite two votes for Cloud Atlas and no votes for anything else, I think it has to be available on netflix or lovefilm to give people a chance of actually seeing it. I don’t have either of those so will have to be guided by you.

    More suggestions please?

  5. Woops! I wrote up a whole thing on the Bar Post about suggestions, and didn’t see this here. Silly me. I guess I’m nominating the films of Jacques Tati because they’re great film history morsels but not everyone has necessarily seen them and I’m pretty sure at least a few are on Netflix. Also they’re short and funny but full of commentary.

    I would *also* love to watch some book adaptations because those always lend themselves to discussion. My suggestions that, again, I’m pretty sure are on Neflix: The Descendants, Never Let Me Go (ugh), Atonement.

  6. Any films on the TV over the weekend? (In the uk at least)

    Charade is on ITV on sat
    The devil wears Pravda on film 4
    The thirty-nine steps on film4
    Miss congeniality itv2
    Quantum of solace itv2
    Made in Dagenham bbc2 (my choice)

    Clair on January 31, 2014
  7. How about Cloud Atlas and Made In Dagenham for this ‘meeting’ of Film Club, so you can watch one or both or neither and post/discuss over the next couple of weeks, and then we’ll do it all again, with perhaps one of Krissa’s fancy french films and another on-TV suggestion.

  8. Okay good, I’ve seen Made in Dagenham.
    There is no Lovefilm here and Netflix just isn’t in our budget, so I may be a sporadic participant in film club.

  9. I like how this week turned out– two films and a chance to choose. I would like to request picking on a Tuesday instead of a Friday (gives me time to check with local pals who might have copies)– but whatever works for the majority is fine.

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