January 7, 2014

Where Are You Now? asta, January

Feeling Nebraska-ish

Feeling Nebraska-ish

The blues usually hit me in February, but winter weather came early and so I am ahead of schedule.
One of my knees has been waiting for surgery since last year. Three-month wait to see specialist, then told during appointment that it would be at least six months to get the operation. Now,at the seven month mark, I call his office to see what’s what.
“Oh you’re down for a reminder call in June”
D and I are out grabbing a few groceries– it’s too cold for much else. I turn and see the baby ski hill. Not a chance. My life is on hold. I’m furious.


3 thoughts on “Where Are You Now? asta, January

  1. Because I have spent a small fortune on physio and other treatments, I am at least minimally mobile and so it is classed as “elective surgery” and therefore not a priority on the case list.
    I am weighing, my options, exploring other avenues, wallowing in clich├ęs.

  2. Urgh. Hope you get some knee relief soon. (Gorgeous photo!)

    Clair on January 8, 2014

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