February 21, 2014

Bar’s Open

This afternoon we will be convening a meeting of the Uborka Department. So you may order your drink, but please also add an agenda item.

Kind regards,
The Management.


5 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. Kamikaze, please. Pint Thereof. Happiness.

    Agenda Item : Book club, Film Club – upcoming subjects for either/both.


  2. Mine’s a pint. And I’d just like to stand up half way through the meeting and yell “Don’t let the bastards grind you down” before being escorted back to the bar, where I’ll have another pint if you’re buying.

  3. Having worked the bar at the club last night I am just waking up. I’ll have a double espresso with a shot of kahlua.
    I will sit in the corner pretending to pay attention but actually I’m watching a curling match.

  4. I propose that someone serve me a Manhattan, served up with a twist, stirred never shaken. I then proceed to second that motion, with a reminder to the assembled that a correct Manhattan is made with rye and none of this bourbon malarkey. All in favor say aye, no opposition allowed, SO ORDERED.

    Oh, my agenda item is “fuck this weather for a lark, eh?” at which point I open the floor for a transatlantic discussion/shouting match.

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