February 26, 2014

Uborka! Fitness Club

On Saturday I shall be the lonely only member of Uborka! Fitness Club to run in a 10k race at Eton Dorney. I say run, but there is a distinct possibility of some walking. I haven’t run more than 5k once during February, what with bad colds followed by half term followed by Pete working All The Hours. I’m running with friends, one of whom is doing the Reading Half Marathon the next day. No pressure.

What are you up to? And if nothing, what are your excuses? And what are your plans?


6 thoughts on “Uborka! Fitness Club

  1. Training continues, after a fashion (mostly styled on wondering which body part is going to hurt after the next run) although this month has so far seen more attention paid to cross-training than running.

    I have a local half-marathon on Sunday which I only signed up for a week ago. It’ll be hilly but scenic and as long as I run it faster than I did last time I ran it – which shouldn’t be hard – I’ll be happy. Various aching joints and painful muscles permitting of course.

    Good luck on Saturday and don’t worry about the distance or what you’ve done. Stay mentally positive, keep a smile on your face, relax and enjoy it.

  2. I’m up to nothing at all: excuses as follows. Absent husband. Builders. Ongoing trial by germs. Considering whether, when I do get back to it, having barely moved since November, to start c25k again maybe around week4. Or just to go for kill or cure and try for maybe 20 mins?

  3. FINALLY, after a mega stupid and stressful three weeks at work (12-14hr days, don’t half tire you out) I got out for my first run this month. Aside from that, I’ve played a few hours of basketball but not much else.

    Mind you, I’ve signed up for Pedal for Scotland again (cycling from Glasgow to Edinburgh) in September, and have ordered some spiffy running shoes as I think mine are causing foot cramps.

    So, glad to be back out as the 400km in a year target is still achievable!

    Good luck for the 10K!

  4. good luck in the run. I’m watching your training on Runkeeper avidly and will be cheering you from there, if not in person.

    As for me, I continue to flog myself to the point of stupidity in the pursuit of nothing much in particular. Same as usual! One thing I will say is that those new, transition-toward-barefoot shoes I got… I’m running faster in them than I think I ever have before. Interesting.

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