March 21, 2014

Bar’s Open

Having left it so late, I have no idea when I would write a cocktails post, so it’s an all you can eat, serve yourself buffet today.


4 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. Great!
    I’m on a self-imposed no gluten,no alcohol,no fat, no cheese, no chocolate, no desserts or sweets diet until Easter so I’ll have a pitcher of mojitos, a basket of fish and chips followed by a hot fudge brownie sundae.

    Then I’ll pick something from the buffet, thanks.

  2. I’ve still got the doings of a Long Island Iced Tea or 8, so that might be what I’m drinking this evening.

  3. Asta: batter is made with flour = gluten, so no fish and chips for you. Decent batter is made with beer, so doubly no battered cod. Have baked cod instead, or, alternatively, stuff it all and get drunk and fat. You’ll die young, but you’ll enjoy it.

    I haven’t been here for weeks. I’m so bloody busy, but I love you all anyway. I may also have had alcohol. Please all have beery snogs.

    Gin and tonic please. But hold the tonic.

    You will not believe how much I’ve used backspace in typing this.

  4. Graybo: Everything I ordered is on my real life restricted list, so I’ll put down your response to having ” had alcohol”. 🙂

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