March 14, 2014

Cocktails in verse/Could be worse

There once was a Doctor called Pock
who had a pint no matter what.
He crowd-sourced a sonnet
And wore a big bonnet
Actually that’s not true but so what?

There’s a reason why
Lyle‘s standard order is a
Drink called ‘Divine Wind.’

Canadian Asta
The curling master
Is shovelling snow
Drinking rum an’ coke.

Harried mother
Drinker of g’n’t
Kitchen renovator
Not sure she should describe herself as young.

A Terse Verse about Krissa‘s piku, genius though it is:
Here is not Pi Day, it’s only Friday.

Baudelaire, addict and philanderer, diseased and much-discussed
Advocate of drinking and of being drunk, patron saint of the Uborkites
Once said “all pleasure lies in evil.”
Evil, and gin. Gin and beer and cider.
Gin and beer and cider and wine.
And cocktails.
This is a new form of poem that I have invented.
Thanks Mike.

But wait! Whence this mysterious text?
From someone buried basement deep.
Oh where is Clair?
If she misses cocktails, she shall weep.


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