April 12, 2014

A child’s questions at a funeral

“Can I play on my tab?”

“If a girl-brother is called a sister, what’s a girl-cousin called?”

“Are all these people in my family?”

“Why do they keep calling you Kaaaaaar-ren?”

“Can we go home yet?”

“Can I have something to eat?”

“Why did he say amen twice?”

“But WHY weren’t you listening?”

“What are those curtains for?”

“What flames?”

“What are all the flowers for?”

“Can I have some chocolate cake?”

“Who are those children?”

“Are they all my cousins?”

“Why don’t I know any of them?”

“Can I have some more chocolate cake and also some chips please?”

“Do I have any other cousins?”

“How can grown-ups be my cousins?”

“Is there anything else to eat?”

“Can I play on my tab?”

“What do you mean you brought the wrong charger?”

“Can I have some tea when we get home?”


8 thoughts on “A child’s questions at a funeral

  1. There’s some good questions in there. I especially liked the confusion surrounding your name (that isn’t mum).

  2. It’s not that it isn’t mum, he often addresses me as Karen himself. It’s the long, posh A that he hasn’t heard before.

  3. The posh side of my family has never quite come to terms with the commonness of my name, so they elongate the vowel, lest I get ideas above my station.

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