September 30, 2014


At the age of 8, I would come home from school, eat a jam butty, and go off to play out with my friends. I am pretty sure I never had homework. Of course, we are talking about the previous … Continue reading

September 22, 2014


Sophia wants me to tell you that she doesn’t like brown bread. Who’s Sophia? She sits next to me at lunch and she says she really, really doesn’t like brown bread. But you’re not giving your sandwiches to Sophia, are … Continue reading

June 16, 2014

Sick Day

Remember when you were a kid and you didn’t feel 100% but you weren’t quite sure if that meant you were genuinely sick and could get a day off, or if you would have to play it up a bit? … Continue reading

April 8, 2014


Another of my Great-Aunts has died. I only have one left now. The funeral is reasonably local, and my mum will come and stay so that she can travel from here, and I will go with her. But will I … Continue reading