May 9, 2014

Bar’s Open

We are having a smart early-summer barbecue, or Garden Party if you will. It’s May so the weather isn’t guaranteed, which is a euphemism for “it looks nice now but it’s going to piss it down later.”

What are you eating and drinking and wearing to the party?

The party is all in the comments; there probably won’t be a follow-up post. This is the new system.


11 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I normally never get a chance to join the bar crowd on a Friday! I’ll be on the scrumpy, eating grilled halloumi and wearing about 6 layers which will constantly be taken on and off while complaining about living on an island on the edge of a large body of water (Ie our weather).

    Abby on May 9, 2014
  2. I’ll have a G&T thanks.
    As for what I’m wearing, if this week’s failures in shopping are anything to go by, I will be reduced to rummaging through my closet and throwing on something that looks vaguely festive on the hanger which turns out to be totally inappropriate and ill-fitting.

  3. I’m wearing the same clothes as I was yesterday, because I haven’t had a washing machine for three weeks.

    Mine’s a pint.

  4. I’ve got a whole glass flask of pre-made Kamikazes (the Lyle Version) – it needs to be glass, the stuff eats away at anything plastic. As a result, by halfway through the day I’ll be sitting in a corner, growling softly at passers-by. No, you can’t take my drink off me. Furroffangetyerfurrinown. Graaaaaaghrgh.

    Wearing? Pretty much standard. Can’t be assed with finery today, so some vilely-coloured check shirt, t-shirt underneath, trousers, boots. You know, the norm.

    If food has been supplied/cooked, I’ll eat it. If not, I’ll just pass out under this ‘ere tree. If it rains, chuck something waterproof over me, please. I’ll be fine.

  5. Also too busy. Also wearing whatever comes to hand. Gin will do – I actually have a gin cup my friend stole from a pub where we saw the great Professor Elemental. Honestly, I am not Gammidgy.

  6. I like how you buy me random ales from the supermarket. Beer surprise for me, please!

    I have no idea what I’m wearing, I dress in the dark.

  7. Don’t anyone tell Pete that I buy him random ales because I can never remember which ones he likes…

    I am going to drink Scrumpy Jack and I’m going to wear cut-off denim shorts over black tights, suede ankle boots and a hoody. Because I want to. I am going to eat ALL the kebabs.

  8. I am mostly wearing lots of stretchy jersey things that accommodate a growing bump. I am not wearing sandals, even though my feet are hot, because it keeps raining. Scrumpy Jack sounds good. Though I should probably be being a well behaved pregnant person and just drinking apple juice, accompanied by lots of lovely semi-burned to make sure they’re completely done sausages and fresh white bread and butter.

  9. I’m wearing a summer frock with goosebumps and a raincoat and wellies. I’ll have pimms please to get into the spirit of things. Possibly that nice winter pimms that comes hot with apple juice. Pigwotflies, Pimms is *fine* when you are pregnant, I drank loads (because I had baby brain and somehow convinced myself it was barely alcoholic. I probably wouldn’t recommend it or do it again.)

  10. I’ll be wearing my May uniform of leggings, dress and multiple cardigans because weather, and drinking blackberry and elderflower pimms, because I have six bottles of it that MrP bought me last year cos it was limited edition.

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