May 2, 2014

Unsavoury Marys

Rather than write a traditional cocktail post, I thought I would share with you the Comment That WordPress Wouldn’t Allow, from the man himself, Doctor Pockless:

If an alcohol free mojito is a nojito (which it isn’t) then once rum has been added, it becomes a yes-nojito. We also speculated about the opposite of a Virgin Mary, with unsavoury consequences.

If an alcohol free sangria is a singria, then once it has been re-rendered palatable, it is a congria.

If an alcohol free pint is called a shandy (which it isn’t), then having restored its glorious pintliness it must surely be a pint and a bit.

If an alcohol free Sex on The Beach is called an Inland Footle (which etc), then having returned to the shorelines of intoxication and abandonment, it must now be a Make-Up-Your-Bloody-Mind Mary, The Tide’s Coming In.

And so on.


3 thoughts on “Unsavoury Marys

  1. It wasn’t WordPress that wouldn’t allow it – it was a mod_security rule. It objected to having the word ‘free’ adjacent to the word ‘sex’

    I have since deactivated this rule. So, to celebrate:

    Free sex

  2. (If I hadn’t disabled the rule then Karen wouldn’t have been able to write this blog post either)

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