June 6, 2014

Bar’s Open

This weekend we’re going to a food festival, so today it’s food festival cocktails. What stall would you run at the Uborka! Festival of Food? I’m going to have a bread stall, and drink Pimms until I’m too drunk to give the right change, and then go to sleep under the awning.

Help yourselves!


9 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I’d run the Macaroni Pie stall, because they are awesome, and I wanted one from the Scottish food stall at the food market outside my office yesterday and they’d sold out by the time I got there and on top of everything else that made me quite sad and I’ve clearly not forgotten about it and am in desperate need of comfort food and maybe punctuation…

    *deep breath*

    *goes to sit under a table, whimpering, clutching a bottle of blackberry and elderflower pimms*

  2. Food festivals are made for the consumption of cheese, pie, beer and wine. So I’ll have all of those on my stall please, plus some obscure foodstuff never tried before that I shall purchase, push to the back of the cupboard and forget until such time that it has grown limbs and developed its own intelligence.


  3. Good festivals and wine. I’d have to do a bread and butter stall to commemorate the time I went with friends to a good food show and went around the Olivio exhibit about 20 times to get more tasters.

    Clair on June 6, 2014
  4. So we’re doing well for carbs, then… Might have to organise an after-festival run.

  5. Like Graybo I’ve worked one of these stalls.
    I’m not setting up anything that can melt, go off, requires supplying utensils, or much clean up..so.

    I’ve got a savoury shortbread biscuit stall.
    The first offerings are staples– cheddar, asiago, rosemary, chive.
    Then I’ll offer some blends like Earl Grey cardamon and tomato bacon ..
    Finishing with the current trend for weird like Lobster marscapone, or beet blue cheese.
    They will be very small in recycled cardboard boxes with Helvetica printing with a nonsense company name like Inola, and the word ‘artisinal’ is prominent. I will charge a small fortune for them.
    In keeping with this theme, I will force myself to drink this.

  6. Asta, do you have recipes for those? I too want to make artisanal biscuits.

  7. Oooh Asta, I think you have a business plan! I would pay over the odds for your artisanal biscuits.

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