June 4, 2014

Uborka! Running Club

I spent half term week in the Lake District running in the fresh air, as well as doing some walks (usually quite short, with child and mobility scooter in the party), and one glorious row on Coniston.

2014-05-26 17.15.17-2 SMALL

I like the idea of grabbing a “souvenir” run wherever I go, and RunKeeper, despite its foibles, is pretty good for that with the snapshot facility.

Where are the most beautiful places you have run? And what have you been up to in the last couple of weeks?

p.s. In America, it’s National Running Day, but here in the UK it’s a rest day.


2 thoughts on “Uborka! Running Club

  1. Goodness. The most beautiful place I’ve run? Sydney Botanical Gardens, Kaikoura in NZ, Stanley Park in Vancouver, around the lake at Zell am See in the alps…. tough to call as I’ve been really lucky and had my trainers in the right place at the right time. I think some of my favourite runs have just been along the canal up the road from my house, sometimes when you hit the zone, the sun is out and just the right song pops up in your headphones, it doesn’t matter where you are!
    My running recently? Usual shizzle. 72 miles in may and 338 so far this year. Not that I’m counting…. *cough*.

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