June 20, 2014

Bar’s Open

I don’t exactly have a hangover, but I did have maybe some cider, and maybe also some wine, and maybe a curry and a late night. I didn’t really fancy the three hour antenatal class in a windowless room this morning. I do, on the other hand, fancy lying down on the sofa with my book but there’s no time for that.

Better order your drinks with your best hangover cures today, please chaps.


2 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. A couple of months ago I read the Jim Koch interview where the brewer claimed swallowing active dry yeast before imbibing would act as a barrier against the effects of alcohol. I wanted to believe it, but thought it was nuts. Yeah.

    I do not have a cure for a hangover. I have a coping strategy. Before going to bed, I drink about 500mls of water and take a Tylenol/acetaminophen pill.

    Next morning- caffeine, grease, carbs, protein. Coffee, bacon and eggs with toast. Lots of toast.

    Between now and then, I’ll have a pitcher of daiquiris thanks.

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