June 27, 2014

Bar’s Open

We need to redecorate in here, since the clientele has virtually disappeared. A facelift. A theme? New furniture, comfy chairs and so on. You are the world’s most opinionated people, so you must have some thoughts on how to perk up the virtual bar. If you would like to share them, I’ll buy you a virtual drink.


7 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. Hmmm perhaps this is ‘just’ another place calling on my time. Too much competition with different reward systems?

    I struggle to write for my own blog, maybe there aren’t enough words going around?

  2. Words, like love, keep expanding to fill the available space. What colour would you like the walls of your space to be? And can I get you a beer?

  3. Well, if we can clear the manky old puke stains off the walls, and some of the dodgier bits of carpeting, that’ll be a good start.

    Other than that, improve the quality of the bar-staff a bit, keep ’em around for a while, and we’ll be back on a winner, I think.

    Of course, I could be wrong, too.

  4. Or just improving the quality of the clientele a bit by getting rid of that shitbag who drinks pints of Kamikazes and sits in the corner swearing at all and sundry.

    That’d do it.

  5. It might be easier to knock down the walls, unless Lyle gets scrubbing.

  6. It’s summer. It’s terrasse time. We don’t need a roof. If you must insist on walls, we can compromise.
    A few benches, some tables and a couple of umbrellas and we’re done. All other colour provided by plant materials and people.
    Let’s grow some wormwood and make our own absinthe.
    Who’s with me?

    I’ll have an Old Tom gin and tonic and sit over here in this dark corner.

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