July 25, 2014

Bar’s Open

Things aren’t going entirely according to plan, but we’re hoping that it’s a recoverable situation.

Our plan for this weekend is camping – we’ve got three nights in Oxfordshire, I’ve booked Friday and Monday off of work for a long weekend.

The spanner in the works is that the car isn’t starting. The key won’t turn in the ignition. We’ve spoken to our trusty mechanic and he says it’s a known issue – there’s a buildup of gunge in the ignition barrel, and the hot weather causes… something to… do something.

Anyway, we’re hoping he can get it fixed today, and we can still get our three days camping, albeit starting later in the day than planned.

Today’s cocktails are in honour of those guys who do a good job and never let you down. The mechanic who’s been looking after your car for 10 years and saved your ass more than once. The plumber who stayed late to finish the job. We salute you. Your cocktail selection should be an old staple, something you keep returning to. And if you have a pertinent anecdote to attach, please do.

I’m hoping we’ll be under canvas by this afternoon, so there will sadly be no follow-up post. However, please don’t let this dissuade you from joining in, because Karen’s calendar for next week is empty and a good turnout this week might increase the chances of an old-fashioned cocktails one-two next week.


3 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. My old staple would be the Bloody Mary, on a Sunday night in an underground bar in Budapest, with the good Dr Pockless. It would be garnished with fresh horseradish and there’s a bottle of something spicy on the table just in case it isn’t csípős enough for you.

    The Dr’s old staple is almost certainly a pint.

  2. It seems odd to call champagne a staple but it rarely disappoints.
    I have no anecdote- we too are on vacation, and all the hot sunshine has fried my brain.

  3. This is the sort of post I should dedicate to Matt, our plumber, who has turned up at short notice on days when his wife has been sick in bed, on days when it was his wife’s birthday and on days when he was supposed to be taking the kids out – and then fixed leaks, drips and non-functioning boilers quickly and for mates rates. Actually, I should probably dedicate this to his wife. Anyway, G&T all round, please and thank you.

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