July 23, 2014

Uborka! Running Club

First order of business: The Uborka! Magic Mile Team currently has only three members, one of whom may be injured. We *know* there are more uborka! runners than this, so sign up HERE to run one single mile.

york parkrun Secondly, it is still too hot to run, but moreover one is too busy. I took a couple of days off after my trip to York, which involved miles of city walking, a 3.7 mile run which incorporated the River Ouse and several miscellaneous and unintentional streets, and York Parkrun. Now, I hated every minute of the Parkrun, but I’m glad I did it. It was a lap and a half of the racecourse: a flat oval which allowed you to see exactly how far you still had to go. My legs were so tired from walking around York so much, and I happened to be standing near the 30 minute pacer when we set off, which meant I started much too fast. So it all hurt, all the way. But I did it, and Pete took quite a nice photo of me ((nicer than this one)) stopping Runkeeper as I crossed the line.


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