September 12, 2014

Bar’s Open

Welcome back! It’s the start of term, but I think we do too many parenthood themes; and nudity never goes down well either. I’ve got a post-run migraine at the moment (the aura has gone, just the headache stage now), but headache themed cocktails seems a bit grim. The sun has come out, let’s just celebrate an Indian Summer in the garden. I’ll be back with part two later, if we get some orders…


11 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I’d like some Pimms served in a teacup, and a shady hammock where I can fall asleep later. Please. Thank you.

  2. I’ve had a bloody awful week, of the expensive variety. So I’d like an enormous G&T, but hold the T. Please and thank you. Can I run a tab?

    H and I were discussing naked parenting earlier this week (see what I did there?). We’re anticipating the day when Tom has a complete hissy fit over the sight of either parent naked. At the moment, we wander around the house with naked abandon (no blind in the living room at the moment – H is wondering why the old chap across the road has suddenly got more friendly). Tom is fascinated by H’s boobs and simply laughs at me. But there will be the day when he cries “MAKE IT STOP!” at the sight of a naked parent. It will be innocence lost.

  3. This week has been shit. But tonight I’m going out with the eternally wonderful Ms Gammidgy. I think it’s our first meal out together sans enfants in about 2.5 yonks. I’m going to have me some wine.

    Gammidgy on September 12, 2014
  4. Oh goodness Mr G, if we ever can provide babysitting services, Casa Uborka would be happy to help.

  5. In that case I’ll have a Summer Mash:
    2 parts Bourbon
    1 part Triple Sec
    1 part orange juice
    1 part pineapple juice
    1/4 part grenadine syrup

    We’ve finished with all the weddings– the last one was the prettiest, strangest, and coldest… the temperature went from 31 to 11 in less than 12 hours. It was also the wedding with the highest number of drunken asshats.
    In a few hours we’re headed here for one of the last weekend's on the island to celebrate my MIL's 88th birthday. She still golfs almost every day in summer.

  6. I like the idea of squeezing out a bit more summer in before it’s too late. In honour of summer festivals I will have cider, served in a tanker.

    Ms Gammidgy on September 12, 2014

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