September 11, 2014

Belle de Cour

Our kitchen is at the front of the house. The window is partly screened by ivy, and it’s a cul de sac so there aren’t many passing pedestrians. Really the only time this presents any sort of a problem is when I come in for a run, dash upstairs to the bathroom, strip all my kit off, and then really need a drink. So I hobble back downstairs all naked and running with sweat to get a pint of water at the kitchen sink, which is by the front window. I worry that the postman will choose that moment to put in an appearance; I find him annoying enough as it is. I should be allowed to stand naked in my own kitchen, though, really.


3 thoughts on “Belle de Cour

  1. we live on the corner of a cul-de-sac and a normal residential road, and I do much the same thing. We do have a dutch style privacy strip on the kitchen window, but basically I’ve stopped caring if anyone sees me. Is that bad?

  2. We foolishly opted for plain rather than obscured glass when we installed a massive new window at the bottom of our stairs. I have yet to wave naked at the Neighbours as I run to the tumble dryer in the morning but I fear it is only a matter of time.

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