September 17, 2014

Uborka! Running Club

The club has had a long summer hiatus. It’s been too hot, and time has been difficult to find. August was my lowest mileage month in a long time, and my legs have been getting more stiff and sore as the weeks went on. We spent the last two weeks of the holidays in France, where the running routes are either spooky woods or busy roads, except for the closed-off road that goes past Pete’s mum’s house. This is uphill for half a mile, back down to the road, and repeat. The elevation chart on RunKeeper looks like boobs. I managed that twice and then compensated by swimming many, many lengths of their ten metre pool instead.

School’s back, and my two-year runniversary was on Sunday. I didn’t go for a run. On Monday morning I dragged my feet for a mile before my legs gave in entirely and I walked home feeling very sorry for myself. For a few weeks now I’ve found that if I run in my A shoes (240 miles), I get pulling pains in my left leg for hours afterwards. Not so much with my older B shoes (unknown mileage, but a lot, including a lot of walking), so I’ve been using them but feeling uncomfortable. Meet the new A shoes:
2014-09-17 12.08.06

How has your summer been?


3 thoughts on “Uborka! Running Club

  1. I’ve started running (it’s mostly walking but there is some running). It’s sporadic and I’ve only got very slightly less horribly unfit but it’s still progress.

    Ms Gammidgy on September 17, 2014
  2. loving the new A-shoes! Jazzy. My A-shoes are probably coming on 500 miles in, so the new pair is ready to go… a newer version of the same type of shoe, moving from a Ferrari red to a bright blue that will nicely match the MS Trust running shirt I’ll be wearing for the London Marathon next year.
    My mileage is going well and I’m doing around 20 miles a week, with the number only likely to go up as the marathon looms larger. I’m getting quicker too, at my age!
    I also seem to have acquired a parkrun habit. It hurts running faster, even over shorter distances, but it’s all good and it keep you on your toes, eh??
    I have to say that I love seeing your running (and other) updates on runkeeper. I know I run a lot, but I take a lot of pleasure from seeing other friends exercising too. One of my friends has just discovered running and is slowly, tentatively falling in love with it and what it’s doing to the shape of her body. I find it so rewarding to watch her progress and to cheer from the sidelines. More power to you all, I say.

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