September 22, 2014


Sophia wants me to tell you that she doesn’t like brown bread.

Who’s Sophia?

She sits next to me at lunch and she says she really, really doesn’t like brown bread.

But you’re not giving your sandwiches to Sophia, are you?

No, but she really, really can’t stand the sight of them. So can you stop using brown bread please?



1 thought on “Fusspot

  1. We’ve been dealing with a tummy bug over the weekend.

    Me: “Are you still in the loo?”
    Him: “Yes”
    Me: “What are you doing? You’ve been in there ages.”
    Him: “It’s Operation Constipation. But it’s not going very well.”

    I love the fact that, even when he’s feeling rough, his sense of humour persists.

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