October 10, 2014

The end of the world is nigh

Let all those who have faith in the cocktail hour make haste to the Ubunka. It is of course fully equipped with all the mixers and a lifetime supply of ice for our drinks. There has been some talk of repopulating the planet, but we want to be a bit careful about that as there’s no knowing when we can leave this place, and it might get a bit crowded.

Happily we have a high proportion of knitters, so we’ll always have warm clothes and something to do while we’re watching West Wing. Ms Gammidgy will provide a selection of furry animals, I’ll bring my spinning wheel, and we’re sorted.

We will create a fully equal society, where gender is irrelevant and everyone does what they can. Honestly it’s better not to rely on Pete to put the bins out, but I don’t mind doing that while he folds things. He doesn’t fold things often, but when he does, he does it very nicely. He can also mix a mean martini, which is what I’ll be having for the time being, and OMG what if we run out of olives? For martini is, after all, just olive wash.

Lisa is providing the first aid and decontamination facilities (you know G&TCP would have been funnier, right?), and Pigwotflies has helpfully brought along a baby. Pix has brung the comfy bedding where we can all pass out after Lyle has made us one of his drinks in a bucket. Now, who’s going to put these shelves up?


2 thoughts on “The end of the world is nigh

  1. G&TCP = funny but all shades of wrong.
    Neat vodka at room temperature is the way forward

  2. Mr.D! We looked for you when Uborka! relaunched, and could not find you anywhere; how lovely to see you.

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