November 14, 2014

Bar’s Open

Bring some virtual hugs for Pete, who is having a tough time at work; and high fives for me as I picked up a new job this week. What’s your working week been like?

[n.b. drinks will be served later this evening]


3 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. Work’s quite cushy at the moment – working from home four days a week!

    However, that means that demotivated days are really quite seriously flumpy, which appears to have been the case this week.

    So, perhaps a restorative vodka/coke combo, or maybe a Kamikaze or four…

  2. My work these days is knee rehab.
    The start of the week went well. Bike, gym, physio, repeat.
    Yesterday’s test of walking around IKEA for an hour- agony.

    A couple of weeks ago I fixed up some apple peel bourbon, so I’ll have a few shots of that thanks. No, no glass, straight out of the jar is fine.

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