December 10, 2014

Uborka! Running Club

A major theme of running club members seems to be whining about not being as fast/distancey/committed as we want to be (with the exception of the ever-bouncy Swisslet, of course). So what could be better than a little challenge to get us all in the mood, in the cold dark days of January?

The Jantastic Challenge is an annual thing that I haven’t done before, but I listen to the Marathon Talk podcast and they talked about it incessantly in the first three months of this year. So this time I want to be a part of it, and I’m inviting you to join Team Uborka. You don’t have to run; they are including cycling and swimming this year.

If you fancy joining in, the details of the challenge can be found here. I have created a team called Uborka (but not yet figured out how to link to it). And if you fancy it, we can try and raise money for a cause of our choosing, as well.


4 thoughts on “Uborka! Running Club

  1. OK. Let’s do this! (I did 101 miles last month, a personal record for me, many in tandem with my wife as we gear up for London next year… so somewhat slower than usual, but actually quite nice. A lot less stressful on the body too, if not on the marriage as we get used to sending so much time with each other! She had a proper paddy at me at Parkrun a few weeks ago and told me that “running is your crazy, Tim, not mine”. It seems to be infectious crazy, if her miles are anything to go by at the moment).

    Marathon training proper starts in January….

  2. ^spending

    It’s been actually pretty good to spend the time with her. I think it annoys the hell out of her that she’s at full bore and I’m practically running backwards, but she’ll get over that (and she’s getting quicker, too….)

  3. Thanks, but with Family here till Jan 10, going to SA in feb 10, I have a few weeks of sanity (ha), and suspect I wont get much done.

    Maybe next year. *cough*

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