December 9, 2014

Yulevent 2013 edited highlights

So last year I kicked off Yulevent by moaning about advent calendars, which is an important family tradition that has been going on around here for a good ten years. Then krissa introduced us to a Christmas Tree called Margo, and Clair showed us her five decorations. If we’re really lucky, we might get to see number six this year.

For many people, the post of the month was Asta’s christmas baking. If you scroll to the bottom of the comments, you will find the recipe for scrabble linked right there. Kirsty tried to top this with trifle.

There was a small elite of Uborkans posting their scroogish grumbles; Vaughan was the first. Gammidgy managed to resist the urge, and gave us a science christmas instead. KTD got us back on track with a sad tale, but you’ll laugh at the bit where he slaps the turkey. We had another quiet moment on the solstice.

Many of us, like Ms Gammidgy, have complicated family logistics to plan. In fact lots of people were finding new ways to celebrate, trying to figure things out like Anna, and starting their own traditions. Stuart seems to have got it sorted, and CatKnits sent us a Christmas from New Zealand.

Nostalgia abounded, from Gordon’s childhood memories, to Graybo’s carpetburgers. Lisa explained what a yule log isn’t.

Pixeldiva gave us the first of our musical yulevent posts. Swisslet even created a spotify playlist for his music selection, and we listened to it at the weekend!

In the midst of all this pagan greenery, PigWotFlies threw in a proper Christian Christmas to remind us of what we’re all deliberately ignoring.

And some people remembered to be nice at Christmas; surprisingly Lyle was one of them. His suggestion of volunteering, and minibeastgirl’s Sustainable christmas are worth considering as part of all this new tradition that we’re coming up with, each in our own way.

And then it was done, and we started to look forward to the food and the presents and the nostalgia for real. What do you mean, there’s nothing edited about these highlights?


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