February 27, 2015

Bar’s Open

Go on, have a cocktail. Why not? How are things with you, anyway?


3 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I was going to order a Wicked Llama to mark the day, but it’s just rye and Pepsi which is boring and not that tasty, so instead I’ll have a Blizzard which is much more apropos anyway.
    It’s -23°C here right now, with the windchill it feels like, Oh MyFuckingGodWillThisEver END.

    Have a nice weekend all you House of Cards folk.
    I have decided to catch up. I started yesterday.
    I am on Season 1 Episode 3.

  2. We’re going to Edinburgh for the weekend so I’ll have a pint of 70 shilling for old times’ sake.

  3. I’ve got a client to finally agree a major contract. Only taken 13 months to negotiate. And, on the same day, Hels’s other employer (not me) has also got a major contract signed, similarly protracted, securing her future with the company. This calls for a G&T, quite possibly two, please and thank you.

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