March 2, 2015

Year of the Holiday

In recent years we have become frugal with our holidays. I’m not going to say since becoming parents, because becoming parents coincided with becoming homeowners, and only briefly preceded me becoming self-employed, and so on and so forth. But no doubt these things are all connected.

In earlier incarnations of Uborka we travelled a little: New York, Prague, Venice, the Lake District. Things have changed since Pete’s mum moved to France, requiring us to holiday in the same place on a regular basis; and we discovered a love of camping.

It’s true that we’re now restricted to school holidays, and can’t just book a weekend break at a moment’s notice, but we’ve been happy enough and managed to see a lot more of the UK than we might have done if we’d always been skipping off abroad.

But this year, 2015, this year is going to be different. So far we have booked a week in Budapest for May half term; Bernard is excited about visiting his cousin, and I am pleased to have found a nice AirB&B in a good location. We will go geocaching and eat soups.

Bernard’s auntie invited him to join her on a long weekend in France in August. I was only slightly sensitive to the enthusiasm with which he bit her hand off, and have been mollified by a posh hotel a deux in Brighton.

We intend to take lots of weekend camping trips in July, but these invariably get cancelled for one reason or another; but we’re definitely taking a tent-based tour of south Wales in the first week of the summer hols.

And the last week of the summer hols will – I hope – be spent on a narrowboat somewhere in Britain. Plans are afoot. We went on a canal holiday once when I was about Bernard’s age, and it still stands in my memory as one of the best holidays of all time. So that’s a plan.


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  1. All sounds disgracefully organised and bucolic. Long may it last! 🙂

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