March 3, 2015

Running Club

Our Jantastic team seems to be doing pretty well, though I can honestly say I have no idea how to navigate the website or what the scores really mean. Our team position is 37, with a score of 62.8, which seems reasonably good to me.

I set my targets too high in February, so have compensated by setting them too low in March. Had a lovely Parkrun on Saturday (superfast for me!), and headed out this morning in the sunshine to fight my protesting legs. I don’t know why they protested so much (had to walk four times in the first mile) but they suddenly eased up, and instead of traipsing sadly home, I went on to complete 4.5 miles, slowish but perfectly happy.

What are you doing this week?


3 thoughts on “Running Club

  1. The very thought of marathon training makes me feel quite exhausted.

  2. This week I have been mostly in bed or on the sofa feeling sorry for myself as I try and get rid of a truly terrible trifecta of woe: conjunctivitis, sinusitis and tonisilitis. It’s particularly frustrating because last week I ran the furthest I ever had without stopping (3.5 miles) and was feeling pretty good about things.

    That’ll teach me to get cocky.

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