April 8, 2015

Book Club

It’s just that I’ve been reading all this non-fiction work related stuff and none of it will be of any interest to you. But you, YOU, you have been reading interesting things: tell us about them!

Yesterday I finished reading The Roar Behind The Silence, which was fascinating and helpful but not something I would necessarily recommend to all of you. It ticks item 4 (A book published in the last 12 months) and of course 13 (A non-fiction book).

At ten o’clock last night, with a sense of relief and happiness at sinking back into fiction, I pulled out the book from the bottom of my reading pile (item 19), The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. I haven’t figured out how old she is but check out that picture (and name); I reckon she is under 30 (item 6). The story is set in Alaska (item 12), and was probably recommended by Lisa (item 16). It was only nominated for the Pulitzer, but didn’t win it, so doesn’t tick item 17. Having finished it at 4.30 today, however, I’m counting this for item 26. It brought a tear to my eye (37), contains magic (38), and I’ve never read anything by Eowyn Ivey before (40). So 8 ticks against The Snow Child, but also I loved that it was inspired by a Russian Fairytale in a book by Arthur Ransome, that my grandfather used to read to me as a child.

The list is here. Is anyone still playing?


4 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. I’m still here. I see at our last update I had just finished the luminaries; since then, I have read We are all completely beside ourselves, which ticks 7, 12, 16, 37 (not me, am hard as nails) and 40, within it checking things like author’s age etc – it has a great twist; whispers under ground #7, #38 and it is the third in the series but number 4 has been the unlisted so I don’t expect I am allowed it for #31; We need to talk about Kevin ticks numbers 3, 12, 21, 35 sort of; and the abomination numbers 9, 12, 28 although I have now been there, 40, and it is the first in a trilogy. Haven’t entirely decided whether to read the others: it was pretty good and just what I needed when stuck bored on my sofa, but there were one or two irritating plot holes.

    Lisa on April 8, 2015
  2. Stupid auto correct. Within it = without. The unlisted = published.

    Lisa on April 8, 2015
  3. I’m here too!

    I give thanks for Goodreads, or else I’d forget half of what I’ve read.

    Here’s the latest bunch

    1-Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell- This one ticks 12,35,37 and 40. It almost ticks 2, but I can’t honestly call it a classic romance. It might someday tick 3- a movie script has been commissioned and it almost ticked 47– some twisted parents in the States wanted it banned at their local school because they deemed it obscene. Saner minds prevailed explaining that young people dealing with difficult situations and learning how to overcome and rise above them is not obscene. It’s a YA novel that I half expected to find maudlin mush based on the author’s first name and fleeting internet comments, and it it not that at all.

    2. Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay- This ticks 13,15,and 45 and was well worth my time. I’ve admired Gay and her writing for some time on The Toast , Jezabel and others. There’s some repetition here, but I’ve come to expect that from any collection of essays which have usually been published individually beforehand. It’s rare that a writer causes me to check my own thinking on subjects, but Gay has some unique thoughts when discussing race, privilege and gender politics. I still thinks she should give Orange Is the New Black a second look.

    3.Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham- Ticks 13,25,30,40.
    Lena Dunham is a self-declared over-sharer. This is what makes this collection of personal history/opinions/random thoughts interesting, occasionally hilarious and often cringe-inducing and annoying. It’s very much like her show, Girls. I like Lena the creative, but I think she’d be a nightmare friend. Her self-involvement is epic but she owns it.

    4. Abbatoir Blues by Peter Robinson This ticks 9,12, and if I was trying to pull a fast one–36. This number umptyfour in the DCI Banks series. I’ve read almost all of them. I interviewed the author several years ago, and he’s shy, gracious and generous with his time. During our conversation I told him that I thought DCI Banks would make a great character for television. He thanked me for the compliment but said the chances of it happening were like winning the lottery. I’m glad he won. I don’t know how many more Banks novels are left. I suspect Robinson might be ready to either kill him off or put him out to pasture.

  4. I’m still here too, but am buried deeply in Curiosity by Philip Ball. It’s good, but I may be here for some time.

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