May 25, 2015

The Day We Did Everything

We have done so much today that I can’t remember it all. Well, we did kick off at 6.30am after not a great sleep. Pete and I are on an extremely firm sofa bed, while his lordship gets the comfy bed on the mezzanine floor above us.

Today is a bank holiday in Hungary, so very few shops are open,and we weren’t able to pick up any supplies yesterday either, because it all shuts on Sunday too. So when the child eventually prised us out, we headed across the road to Cafe Bambi, where the staff are less engaging than the name might suggest. I had possibly the longest conversation I have ever had in Hungarian, and we all got a decent breakfast. Rain fell throughout, and Bernard sulked because I said the promised bike ride on Margit Island wasn’t really on in this weather. Instead, I headed over to the island to run on the rubber running track, which my legs rather liked; and the boys went in search of an open shop to try and get some bread and coffee. All parties were successful in their various missions.

After some communication with DrP, we decided to walk over the bridge and into the city 2015-05-25 10.24.40 centre to find a light lunch, picking up a few geocaches on the way. The best of these was the one threaded into some broken masonry on a ministerial building opposite the Houses of Paliament, overlooked by armed guards. What larks.

All of a sudden it was lunchtime and drizzling again, so we dived into a smart but almost entertainingly slow restaurant and ate slightly more than intended. Bernard likes the nokedli best. And finally after a very long wait to pay, we made our way to Miniversum, to meet the Pocklesses. We saw most of Hungary as well as parts of Austria over the next hour or so, and then sipped coffee while the children played with trains. On holiday, I think Bernard feels like he hasnto follow us around all the time doing boring things, so it really is good when he gets to play with his one and only cousin the Pocklet.

2015-05-25 14.37.35 We had time to spare before our evening restaurant booking, so went up in the big wheel for four cloudy spins over Budapest.

Finally we walked towards Ket Szerecen, a restaurant I’ve been going to since my first trip here about 15 years ago. With so much pro-tourist change in the city, it’s brilliant to find some of the old places still going, especially the ones that don’t have unhappy associations. So we ate lots more food and then waddled up Andrassy to Oktogon and took the tram back to our apartment. Glad I had a run this morning, and we’ve all walked loads, so we need the energy, right?


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