October 24, 2015

Building A Pip-Boy (Part 1)

For various reasons, which you can ask me about if you’re interested, I need to make a Fallout New Vegas costume by the end of the year. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a cosplay, because the standard required ain’t that high, so let’s just call it a fancy dress instead.

I’ve got myself a blue boilersuit and some yellow tape, so the vault jumpsuit shouldn’t be too tricky. However, I want something that doesn’t look entirely unlike a Pip-Boy 3000 on my wrist. There are some fantastic examples of replica builds out there, and I’m under no illusions that I won’t be able to match that standard, but let’s see what I manage to come up with, eh?

My starting point will be this packaging from my amplifier.


The rough plan is to hack it down, wrap it in duct tape to stop it flaking apart, and then paint to taste. Note how this cutout seems to be roughly the right size for my wrist – we’re off to a good start!


Next step is to hack off the bits that I definitely don’t need. I’ll need one surface to be the front, and a second to be the back. The front one will be the bulkier.


With a front and a back, we’ve got something to work with.

Slightly misleading video here in that my hand is actually inside it. The intention is that it should just cover my forearm.

It’s still much too bulky though, and my arm is getting lost inside. That said, we can deepen those cutouts and take a bit more material off. We’ll also want to hold onto the offcuts so that we can use them to repack the interior.

Continues here.


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