April 17, 2020

Uborka Lockdown Cocktails

Lockdown cocktails are now a normal thing at Casa Uborka on a Friday after “work,” for those of you who still take part in such mundane activities. Some of us are merrily furloughing along and spending our day acquiring and using vast quantities of flour.

Today’s cocktail hour was a happy party featuring the entirety of Team Uborka, only one of whom actually had a drink of any sort until Pete fetched the dregs of a bottle of tequila, which we finished in one slam. Also present were Gordon, whose sofa matched ours nicely (but no dogs); Lyle who managed not to swear a huge amount but may have made some slightly off-colour remarks but we forgive him, since they didn’t come close to Fluffspangle‘s graphic description of ways she could put down her dog. Lori brought a touch of glamour, and the Gammidgys brought a touch of tortoise. It was excellent in many ways and (apart from a latte that Pete made me earlier), the highlight of my day.

See you all next week!


2 thoughts on “Uborka Lockdown Cocktails

  1. I tried.

    And then knew I’d failed when I got the chorus of shocked “Lyle!” calls near the end…

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