November 9, 2020


Here’s a conundrum that I’m struggling to get my head round. Maybe you can help me.

So what do we know about these snacks, based on the purported facts we have available to us?

  1. They are “Turkey and Stuffing” flavoured
  2. The ingredients include a vague “Flavouring” item
  3. They are suitable for vegans
  4. They contain no artificial flavourings

Therefore I am led to two entirely contradictory statements:

  1. The turkey flavouring in these snacks is entirely natural
  2. The natural flavouring does not come from a turkey, or any other bird, or indeed any other animal

To reconcile this problem, there would have to exist an all-natural flavouring out there that tastes like turkey. Either that, or we accept that whatever these snacks are flavoured as, it’s something that is very much not turkey, or any other bird, or indeed any other animal.

This is hurting my head. Help.


1 thought on “Flavourings

  1. You’ve not asked the core question – why would a vegan or vegetarian want a snack that tastes of meat? Either they don’t like meat or they will be so filled with nostalgia for their meat-eating days that they might go back to eating meat, which may conflict with their principles. Or perhaps they have never eaten meat and would now be tempted to try it, based on the snack experience (c.f. teetotalers who try alcohol-free beer).

    Being a meat-eater is far simpler from an avoiding-meat-flavoured-vegan-snack-dilemmas point of view.

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