November 6, 2020

The Never-Ending Cocktails

One week minus about 7 hours ago, as the regular Friday Uborka Cocktail Hour ((and I think that Lyle will be particularly pleased with that acronym)) came to an end, I posited “hey, by this time next week, we’ll know whether the US is going to have another four years with human refuse as its president” and everyone groaned.

So join us again at 5pm when we’ll be making more naive and speculative predictions about what the future will bring, and reflecting upon all the disappointments that have befallen us in the previous seven days.

With a pitch like that, it’s hard to decline, I know.


1 thought on “The Never-Ending Cocktails

  1. FUCH is pretty good.

    And I’ll be there for Cocktail Uborka Normal Thoughts

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