December 16, 2020

Tea Advent Day 16

It’s another green tea, and as has been established, I don’t like green tea. This is Japan Benifuuki Green Tea, which leaves me wondering how you would pronounce that, but not wondering it enough to google it. The box is back to form, with details of the laborious oxidisation process that apparently gives this tea allergy and eczema-fighting properties. Again, not engaged enough with the matter to search for a peer-reviewed study on that; feel free.

I don’t like green tea, and yet… like the last one and the white tea before it, this is a pleasant drink that I would go back for more of, so maybe I’m wrong about green tea, or I’ve been drinking the wrong green tea. I am almost at the point where I would consider keeping a caddy of this stuff. There is one more in the box, and then perhaps we can pick a favourite.

You will note from the photograph (with apologies for the lack of crispness, among the things I can’t be arsed to do this morning is switch the light on to get a better picture), that the tea does not look green but brown. So, erm, there’s that.

I picked another of Bernard’s mugs today, for some reason under the impression that Moshi Monsters was a Japanese thing. And I did bother to check this for you, which is perhaps why I’m so drained now, and it turns out Moshi Monsters is a British thing, so this mug has no rhyme or reason and he never uses it anyway so I might go and add it to the box in the garage when I’ve washed it.


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