December 17, 2020

Tea Advent Day 17

This is an exciting tea. Dambusters 617 Blend has a story connected to the Lancaster bomber, and is described as “heroic, yet workman-like.” It is mainly an assam leaf, but with this extra funny little teaball, a thing I have never encountered before, and ironically after yesterday, is impossible to google because all results relate to infusers. I’ll show you a photo of the teaball:

I crushed it in the mortar that wasn’t washed after I crushed coriander seeds in it last night, but I don’t think it has much of a coriander taint; and I added it to the rest of the leaves. The brew is a satisfying chestnut brown, and for once I completely agree with the description: a touch of honey, sweet tobacco and malt. Probably the best tea so far, and I need it after a frustrating two-hour meeting in which the person leading a certain project seems determined to keep the plan secret, which mystery is spiced up no end by the fact that today is her last day with us. I was gasping for this tea and it has been worth the wait.

Furthermore, and you will like this bit, the third of yesterday’s online Christmas Parties had a Secret Santa element, and guess what I got? A new mug! Just when we were all worried that I don’t have enough mugs to take us to the 24th. It’s a very nice mug with a cat on it, though bottom-heavy making it slightly awkward to hold. I now have to relegate another of the kitchen mugs to the box in the garage; let me know which one you think doesn’t earn its space.


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