December 2, 2020

Tea Advent Day Two

It is the 2nd December, grey and drizzly outside, and I’ve been hacking away at the coalface of student feedback all day. A spare hour emerged, in which I have done some yoga, and finally got to the point in the day where I can make my second cup of Advent Tea. Today’s tea is Jin Guanyin Golden Goddess, which sounds glorious. I will share the text with you, because it is delightful how often the word “new” is used:

Jin Guanyin Golden Goddess

The tealeaves are long and twisty like lapsang souchong, and the tea once again is pale in appearance, even after filtering twice. I may need to leave it to steep a little bit longer, but I’m impatient and have already poured a cup, again with the milk option ticked. As you can see, today I am drinking out of my newest mug, a birthday present from the good Dr Pockless, a little bit of retro Springsteen magic to brighten up this dark December. The tea is hot and delicious, with a smooth unsweetened chocolate aroma and flavour. This is oolong tea, which sounds to me like something out of War of the Worlds, but tastes like something out of a nice period drama. Oolong means Black Dragon, and I can enjoy that just for its own sake.


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