August 16, 2021

Alcohol-Free Beers (Part Thirty-Two)

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All of these beers are from this month’s AFBeerClub box, which had a very lagery focus. As before, I’m failing to completely keep up, so I am not expecting to have tried (and reviewed) everything in the backlog before the next box arrives. That said, I do have a short holiday coming up soon, so perhaps this time if I’m brave and take all of them with me, I might be able to get somewhere.

Kaiserdom Lager Beer

This beer has an absolutely gorgeous head, and a classic deep golden lager colour, and a classic Bavarian-style lagery smell. Likewise the flavour is superb, an absolutely faultless example of its genre. I defy any lager fan to not love this beer.

Sheep In Wolfs Clothing – Lager Day Saints

Very cute packaging, an immense head, this is a clear beer with a medium pale colour. The smell is crisp, and a tiny bit medicinal. The flavour was a bit disappointing – sour, and a bit watery. I would have liked something with a bit more oomph. Karen tried this one and said “it’s a bit sour and lagery, isn’t it?” which is a very accurate assessment, and I assure you that she was not coached in any way. Scoring this one is a bit borderline, but according to my rigorous chart, it will be…

Good Karma – Happy Pils

This beer is thin and clear with a slightly pinkish hue. And yes, I know that the photo doesn’t look pink exactly, but trust me, when you’re looking at it then you do think “yes, that’s pink. For a beer.”

I felt that this one smelled a lot like apple juice, and tasted like… well, very little altogether.

Stiegl Freibier

This one is medium pale with a very very small head. It smells a little wheatbeery, and the whole very pleasant. The flavour is sharp but refreshing and a little fruity. This disappeared down my throat in very little time at all. It’s incredibly moreish.


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