January 23, 2022

The Big Website Consolidation 2022

The first website domain I ever registered was way back, probably in 2002. A lot happened back then, so it seems likely. Since then, I have registered a few more. I’ve also noticed that over the years my preferred supplier has changed too. Once upon a time I swore by 34sp, as did most bloggers, as they offered a really competitively-priced hosting package. They then shifted their target market and their prices went up from about £20 per year to more like £100. So I moved on, and TSO became my preferred supplier of choice. However, they were recently purchased by GoDaddy, and have also increased their prices while simultaneously reducing their offering, so I’ve moved on again.

Problematically, in all of these years, I’ve tended to shy away from actually migrating my site, meaning that I have ended up with a scattering of domains across three providers, and subsequently I am paying a lot more than I need to. I’ve decided that 2022 is the year to address this. It’s the year of the big consolidation. I’ve managed to do two of my sites already, without too much disruption. Uborka’s probably going to be next.

There will probably be some downtime, though I expect you won’t notice. I’m hoping not to delete the entire site, though I can’t make any promises.


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