May 3, 2016

Uborkast Episode 4

Featuring Karen’s neat handwriting, Bernard’s fake burp, and Pete’s cover of Pulp’s Birds In Your Garden. Enjoy…

April 17, 2016

Uborkast Episode 3

In this episode, Karen and Pete discover how little they can remember about Game of Thrones; mention going to the tip several times, and swear more than once. There is an in-depth interview with Bernard, a much better version of the Pina Colada song, and more than enough discussion of black toenails and wet nursing.

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  • OK - you hooked me. You don't need to send me a blackened toenail, although I am honoured... - Swisslet
April 10, 2016



That’s a portmanteau of Snappy and Lazarus, by the way.

I snipped off a flower stalk yesterday, so I’m pretty sure Snappy means business. What a trooper.

March 24, 2016

Snappy III – RIP


2014 – 2016

I think it’s all over for this little angel. One abnormally hot spring day, hus pot dried out, and I was none the wiser. Last year I managed to get to hum in time to execute a rescue, but this year, no such luck. Only a miracle can save hum now.

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  • That was ace. I mean, I actually fell asleep when Pete was tuning his guitar and missed th... - Gammidgy
  • So, nowhere did we do any kind of introduction, or mention of the URL, or explanation of w... - Karen