April 24, 2004

Cat pictures


Foolishly, one of our neighbours (or perhaps one of our neighbour’s neighbours) allowed their cat to stroll into our garden.
Karen and I have been doing our darndest to convince it to stay.
We’ve named it Graybo.


5 thoughts on “Cat pictures

  1. I’m…. I’m …. speechless.
    Exactly what character trait of your new feline friend reminded you of me?

  2. I’ve been thinking – are you sure that this cat is male? I don’t think that Graybo would make a good girl’s name.

  3. Graybo, if you really must know, we named it Graybo because it insisted on telling us that it had been for a nice saucer of milk last night, with Sooty, Whiskers, Tiddles, and Pigger.

    Karen on April 26, 2004
  4. Fair enough. Of course, if it had told you about the perils of excessive g&t, you could have called it Vaughan.

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