April 30, 2004


It is my honour and delight to congratulate the elegant Doctor Pockless today, as it is his last day of telephone catering. From Tuesday [because at last he can work with UK bank holidays], he will be joining the EU.

I’m suspecting that Anna and Ann may find it somewhat taxing to serve cocktails today, so I’m hereby offering to do it for them. However, this means that drinks will not be served until after six.

If I’m doing it, then today’s theme, in honour of the Doctor, is cartoon characters. If the Girlz are doing it, I’m sure they will be quick to let you know, in which case mine’s a pálinka.

All that remains is for me to leave this message for our hungarian readers:

Kedves Magyar baratom! Méleg szeretettel köszöntünk as Europai Nepek Családjaban!


6 thoughts on “Fish-heads!

  1. Ol’ Doc Badgett, sir. You have me at a disadvantage. Whilst I feel sure that my Hungarian is probably in advance of yours, I’m uncertain as to the precise meaning of your last message. I’m guessing that it means something along the lines of “There is some possibility of sleeping with the Good Doctor Pockless, but we can’t stand the smell.”
    The gesture is appreciated, never the less.

  2. That was not the intention, good sir.
    The query was whether it would be possible to sleep with the Doctor to cover the smell, although I confess, my skills at this most impressive of languages are somewhat lacking.
    And as Elvis, I believe, once said;
    Kepes vagyok-e megszeresni a nadragomat 300 palacsinta megev

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