August 13, 2004


Thirsty work, these fetishes. You’ll be wanting a drink;
And all you have to do is confess to your kink.
Mine’s a bloody mary, and a bit of a thing about corsets.


22 thoughts on “Kinktails

  1. Mine’s a pint. But you’d have to give me considerably more than a pint before I’d confess to my kinks.
    Your my sister, dog gammit!

  2. I have to limit it to just one kink? I don’t think I can do that.
    And you always have a bloody mary.

  3. Mine’s a white russian, and a fascination with breasts.

    Pete on August 13, 2004
  4. Is being fascinated with breasts a kink? Surely kinks are deviations from the norm, whereas breast fascination falls within the ordinarily accepted boundaries of sexual expectation.

  5. I’ll have a beer please. *
    I like being tickled with peacock feathers. *
    *One of these statements may not be true

  6. What he hasn’t mentioned is that the beasts in question are kittens.

    Karen on August 13, 2004
  7. I know where you’re going with this. You meant bats…

    Karen on August 13, 2004
  8. Actually, I meant bets. I think that you are confusing me with Ozzy Osbourne.

    Pete on August 13, 2004
  9. Are you referring to a fetish for gambling (“only the Grand National can get me off!”) or a lude preoccupation with the lady who works at the chip shop (as in: “Do you want a pickled egg with that,” said Bets).

  10. Shoes. Duh.
    Large marguerita please, preferably served by a very attractive man with long hair wearing black nail varnish. Leather trousers optional.

  11. Vodka and tonic please.
    Served by my fiancée in her knee-high boots please (or is that saying too much?)

  12. Straight Smirnoff Blue, please. (I know, I know, I’m trying to cut down).
    Kink: I’m a bit of ladies’ man. One bit in particular…..

  13. A margarita please
    ahem *whispers* men with red hair

    annie on August 13, 2004
  14. Drink with a kink eh? I’ll have a blowjob done right (Girl goes down on her knees and bends back. Girl puts the shot glass in her mouth with the blow job shot in it. Boy takes shot glass from girls month without using hands and necks it.)
    Kink. Hmm. LeatherLatexThreesomeBootsPiercingsTattoosShavedGroupSexCorsetsTiedupSexInPublicSex.
    Or So I’ve heard that for some people some of thats stuff is a turn on.
    I’m still a virgin.

  15. I would like a very large long island iced tea, please.
    How will I take it? Why, I take it like I take my men: tall, dark, strong, smooth, with some ice and a slice of lemon and a penis.
    thank you.
    You’re all filthbags.

  16. PLease can I have a penis Whoops pina colada that would go down a treat thanks, And I wouldn’t mind the same guy that delivers Pix’s drink to deliver mine if thats ok with you Pix? But I do tend to have a fetish for satin, can’t stop stroking it even when I wear it ;o)

  17. Can I please change my order to a large bottle of meths or something equally likely to knock me out.

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