August 13, 2004


Actually, the most revealing thing about this week’s "kink" theme at Uborka has been the number of regular contributors who have said nothing and have kept very, very, very quiet in the corner.
Look, we are all amongst friends here….
But perhaps what they need is this…

painful, depending on where you put it
…although it does look painful. Whatever lights your fire, I guess.


8 thoughts on “Revealing

  1. The pic for the authoricon was nicked from an American cancer society advert – apparently, the guy in the picture is supposed to look like a polyp. Hmm.

  2. It’s true, though, what the man says. I had, for some reason, assumed that most of the uborkarama was at least a little bit kinky. I thought this topic would be right up their street.

    Karen on August 13, 2004
  3. Less actual posts, but plenty of commenting. Kinkiness is by definition a fringe topic, and therefore lives much more happily in margins.

  4. That’s rank justification and you know it! You’re all avoiding the real reason which is this: Uborkites are shamefully vanilla and only enjoy the straight in-and-out through a hole in the blanket!

  5. … which sounds pretty kinky in itself. Blanket fetishists, the lot of you.

    Karen on August 13, 2004

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