December 12, 2004

An Apology

From all at Uborka Towers, we would like to apologise profusely, both to old friends and to new introducees, for our behaviour last night. Our conversational skills were wanting, and we are both very ashamed of ourselves. We’re sorry if we appeared to be rude or dismissive, but the truth is that due to a rather beverageful Friday night, the words were taking a long time to form themselves into sentences.
Said Dragon to me, “You’re more laconic than I thought you’d be.” I replied, “It’s actually just that I’m a bit poorly.” Laconic is a fabulous word.

So, to anyone who was there for their first mogbleet, and saw a guy stood by the bar all night, sipping from a glass of clear liquid (which could have been a gin and tonic, but was really just a lemonade), looking like he thought that he was too cool for this pub, and giving one-word answers when people tried to start up a conversation with him: that was me. I’m not normally like that.
And to anyone who was there, and knew me beforehand, and now thinks that I don’t like them anymore, then I want you to know that it’s not like that. You’re ace. You’re my friend.
I was just even more fragile than I was expecting.
Here’s the Uborka Christmas Tree 2004. It’s more tasteful than last year’s, but that’s because Karen constructed it, and I’ve always had a tendency towards shedloads of tinsel and jollity.

The Uborka Christmas Tree 2004

(Click the image for the original, ~1MB, ungammacorrected original)


12 thoughts on “An Apology

  1. Unlike either Pete or myself, the tree is a lot better in real life.

  2. Oh good. You’ve saved me from my own post on a similar theme – albeit from a different point of view. Last night was the first time I’d even been near some alcohol in about a month. Therefore, after my first gin & tonic, I was completely gone. Unfortunately, I didn’t view that as a good point at which to stop drinking. I had only had about three drinks and I was babbling like a drunken fool. Even more unfortunately, unlike most hangovers where you don’t remember what you were saying the night before, today I remember *exactly* what I was saying, and to whom. Something about arcs and ellipses. Oh dear.

  3. I apologise for not being there. At least I didn’t offend anyone or embarrass myself.

  4. Well I’m so out of it I don’t know what you’re talking about. Been away. Head up arse situation.
    Just wanted to draw Dr Pockless’s attention to this

  5. I remember the arcs and ellipses, but have forgotten the context. That’s booze-induced memory loss for you.
    Spot quiz: How many of this year’s Uborka’s guest bloggers WEREN’T at last night’s blogmeet? Cos I can only think of Pockless who was missing. It was like the Uborka Xmas Party 2004 round the bar area, with Pete & Karen as the quiet eye of the storm. 🙂
    (Fret not, your manners were both impeccable, and it was lovely to see you, and my, didn’t Karen look glamorous?)
    Verily, you are the hub blog du jour.

  6. Sorry. Sorry. The life of Pockless runs not smoothly this year end. It’s a small matter of places to live and eaning a living… Next time.

  7. It was Robin who had been spotting elliptical arcs in Vaughan’s writing.
    And missing Uborgists were many and variate, to include le Kate, le krissa, le Stuart, l’estee, le fabulous Steph and her shoes, which would have outglamoured us all had she been there, and not forgetting L’Ewan in all his kidnapped glory.
    This list is not exhaustive. There were more guests than you can possibly remember.

  8. Yes, total elipse of the heart. That was me. Turn around bright eyes. Got lost in too much 80s nostalgia there. The arcs was somebody else.
    Had a lovely time and might even write about it.

  9. Oh, elliptical arcs! NOW I get it! Sorry Robin, I misheard for most of the evening, and left the pub under the false notion that I write a load of elliptical arse. Which I do, obviously. 🙂

  10. I missed the arcs, maybe that was after I’d snuck off to catch my train. Luckily I didn’t miss the 80s nostalgia 😀
    Pete, sorry I didn’t come over and say hi, it wasn’t down to your I’m-too-cool vibes (you’ll have to work on that for the rock career 😉
    I wouldn’t have come up with anything as good as ‘laconic’ though…

  11. This guest-blogger was also not there – extenuating circumstances and excessive knackeredness, coupled with not actually expecting to be within 200 miles of the place, except it turned out at the last minute that I was.
    I’ll be there to spread terror and stupidity at the next one though.

  12. I’m fairly impressed Dragon was able to pull out “laconic” considering he’d had a fair few pints and had managed to both break and dislocate his fingers playing rugby earlier in the day.

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