May 3, 2013


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Uborka Pop-Up Pizza Shop here at Casa Uborka: Pizzas Like Your Mama Never Made ‘Em. Your waitperson this afternoon is the laudable, laughable gender neutral Ubotka, as I am sidelined by an ankle injury, so will be sitting here with my Pizza Diavolo and a woeful expression. Keep the Margaritas coming, botkin, I’m in the mood for lots of tequila.

We’ve really enjoyed National Pizza Week, and are considering making it a monthly event, but with more alcohol. Massive thanks are due to our contributors, who have the top table this week: Krissa with her plain pie and Negroni on the rocks; unusually wide-awake Pix with her pizza bianca and fizz; and our oily friend Mike, with his calzone and odd-sounding dutch drink. We loved all your posts, and always welcome contributors to uborka. As we always say, the best content around here was written entirely by other people. Latecomer Stuart can join you, as I’m sure he was part of the whole pizza-making business, particularly at the point of arm-incineration. It is, as you say, just the day for a nice crisp white, whether that’s vino, pizza, or Krissa’s arm. And since Asta is drinking Negroni too, she can sit with Krissa.

We have a special sharing table for Anna, Sevitz and garlic-monster Graybo. You’ll notice the extra space we’ve left between their table and the others, because no amount of pineapple/chilli-based cocktail will cancel out the reek of anchovies, ugh ugh ugh. I’ll just take a moment here to mention Sevitz’ interview, which will be Tuesday’s must-read blog post, worldwide. Have another beer.

The tradition of the reprobates’ table, as established by Pix [Nov. 2010], is something we feel strongly impelled to continue, so it’s always nice when Lori, Lyle and Gordon put in an appearance. What happy coincidence that they have ordered unconventional poultry-based pizzas. Gordon, I believe I’ve also had a hoisin duck pizza, and it was so wrong, but very nice. That was at a bar in Bristol whose name I can’t bring to mind, but Pete can probably remember because he has the memory of a timelord.

Pete is your host this afternoon, though he will be spending most of his time bringing me more booze and resetting the bot when hu gets too cheeky. Have a marvellous long sunny weekend (those of you who don’t have to work on Monday, in particular), and we’ll be back next week with Amazing Posts! About Running! And an Interview with Sevitz! And more Easter Egg Reviews! Yay!


9 thoughts on “Pizzatails

  1. The bar in Bristol will be 0° (or zero degrees).

    Their pizzas are aces. And weird. Like the hoisin duck and the Thai green curry with noodles.

    Pixeldiva on May 3, 2013
  2. K and I shared a hoisin duck pizza not so long ago. We thought it was un poco de troppo, to be perfectly frank, but chacun a son gout. Happy holidays one and all!

  3. Damn. Too late for last orders. Will have to go and get takeaway from a kebab shop instead.

    Clair on May 3, 2013
  4. Clair, we have plenty of the mango & anchovy pizza left, if you want some.

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